What is mindfulness?

A simple definition of:

“A state of mind in which one emphasizes the Acceptednothing, i.e. – to the contrary of normal behavior”

(Part of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) approach).

However, a more intensive, accurate definition:

“A specific state of mind in which one is aware of, and accepts the fundamentallyim reside within a field of reality that is present within andaround us”

(Coach Guy Middleton, Psychologist).

We think of Mindfulness as a way of achieving a state of inner peace. แอบถ่ายห้องน้ำ It is a psychological process and can be practised with the aim of bringing about healing intuition and solve everyday related problems such as: addictions, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fear, guilt, feelings of separateness and other difficulties in our daily life.

Mindfulness goes beyond philosophical reflection. It is a practical way to achieve a state of mind in which distractions are recognized, and we come to recognize, accept and incorporate the fundamental centeredness of mindfulness in our daily life.

So what is the essence of mindfulness?

On a practical level, mindfulness means:

· A realization of the present moment, the “here and now”.

· A moment to moment experience of what is happening within one’s life on a moment-by-moment basis.

· A recognition of the choices that one makes in the current moment.

I “see” what is really happening in this little stream of water. แอบถ่ายใต้กระโปรง All the events are happening, however I do not experience any emotions. I am not in emotional turmoil, as opposed to the emotional turmoil that is going on in me. It is almost like I am observing an entire river of activity, as opposed to the stream of activity going by and out of my mind.

I experience time and space, while my mind is free to wander, because I am Solution Oriented.

Let’s go a little deeper into the description of “Mindfulness”.

ruggedon Ayurvedic practitioners would say i experience it as an awareness of my body, mind, spirit and the entire universe, with the words ” tubeus” flowing through my mind, from the heart. ดูหนังออนไลน์ 4K I “get” the concept in my head and I know and am conscious about its reality. It is not argumentokay, but i feel comfort and grounded in this way. I feel ready to deal with the world.

I know about it?

Well, not entirely, or accurately. The world and life in general can be a different matter. Mindfulness requires that you be patient and flexible, and that you can get used to noticing the reality of life, now.

It is a different state of mind and, like sleep, it comes and goes.

What is important is that it is possible to develop this state of mind, for example by meditating, certainly. And that your ability to practice mindfulness on a regular basis, enables you to come closer to the experience of your physical body, mind and spirit being in the “right now” moment.

An example is day dreaming. กระหรี่ขายตัว You are in your room, struggling to settle down to go to sleep. Your thoughts are about what needs to be done later, and you find yourself drifting off to a far-away place where you can pretend to be everything except the person you have always seen.

You may have actually been in this state, or you may have just thought you were in a dream.

The world of physical reality, while objective and separate from my people, is also not reality, it is fantasy. Mythology describes this as the belief that life is found outside of people, rather than within them. The objective world may be seen as the movie play of life, but the subjective world is the script that is written before the play begins.

Any kind of ritual or training may include elements of dream or fantasy, for example yoga’s physical disciplines require consignment of the objective body and mind in preparation for the heightened consciousness of the yoga postures.

A closed body and a closed mind lead to unconscious functioning, and unconscious functioning is not a pleasant or satisfactory state for the human personality.

The challenge is to develop and maintain an open body and a peaceful mind that at the same time sustains the body and the mind in a state of calm. ดูหนังHD Such a state of being is what is progressivly called “nondual” consciousness and is Athletes’ term for being in the “here and now”.

The process of becoming aware of the world, your own physical body, and other people is also a process of increasing your energetic level.

Everything is energy.