Sex in America’s Schools – Teachers Teach and Students Learn

Lecher: “a lewd, grossly sensual man” That definition is grossly outdated, obviously written before the recent onslaught of women, mostly teachers and mostly married, who have been preying on young boys. They could be called lecherettes, I guess, or simply sex-crazed pedophiles but for purposes of this discussion lecherous women will be lumped in with male lechers here. Also included […]

Dell Picture Printer

Dell 1130 Printer and Toner For Growing Businesses Č Dell is a printer maker for others. They make workhorse printers that have style and durability for you to work with. The Dell 1130 is a printer that is said to be a success when it comes to printing business cards, brochures and other things like that for most businesses. It […]

The Clived Houseplant

Clived houseplants are often not as well known as their dwarfed cousins, but they deserve the same great respect. Educate yourself about them by looking up your local nursery or searching the internet. You will be surprised at the range of colours and sizes and species available. I have four main favourite, all native to my home region, where I […]

Tulips You’ll Love

Where Tulips Grow Tulips are extremely important in gardens, both inside and out. They work beautifully into flower arranging, whether you’re using them as bedding plants, scattered around the herbaceous borders or, as I mentioned, used to make desert. Whatever form, color or type of flower you choose, tulips do the trick. There are three main groups of tulips: • […]

7 Ways to Make Your Life Perfect

, theatrical, erotic, mature, cuddly, undignified, unmature, irritating, relenting, frustated, deploring, conscientious, hopeful, unimpressed, even, interesting, encouraging, indifferent, agreeable, fun, peppy, cute, attractive, bittersweet, refreshing, recharged, youthful, uplifting, mischievous, sad[, intelligent, vigorous, witty, amusing, courteous, sweet, quiet, calm, patient, considerate, lucid, reliable, friendly, tough, plucky, lightening, cheerful, earnest, diligent, comfortable, dutiful, magnanimous, generous, faithful, happy, prosperous, jolly, generous, creative, friendly, […]

Steps For a Good Relationship – Sacred, Sexy and Sublime

In the beginning there is sex, at least. Most humans (especially males) experience sexual pleasure and at least some sexual arousal. Females, who receive copulation from their male partners, also experience sexual pleasure and men save their best performance for mating. Since humans are highly sexual, the loss of sexual desire and performance by either partner can have severe psychological […]

O Rewrite Your Own Soil to regenerate Your Soil!

Rewrites are a way for people to take back control of what affects their homes, yards and indeed our changing weather. People want to take back the power that corporations have over our lives; taking back the meaning of things such as time, energy, money and our hard earnedFlag. I love the feeling of fresh air when I am outside […]

How to Get Healthy by Planting a Vegetable Garden

If you want to learn how to get healthy by planting a vegetable garden you are making terrific decision. Planting a garden allows you to control what goes into your garden, feeds you, and helps you stay healthy. It also provides you a natural vitamin and mineral diversity that your body needs to thrive. Before you learn how to plant […]